Disaster Plan

Method Summary:

  1. Full monthly backup server(s) is done to external hard drives.   Rotation of 2 drives.
  2. Copy taken to CI for restoration to Network Attached Storage (NAS) device (repeated monthly)
  3. From then on, incremental backups are done to NAS device (at a set interval eg. every 2 hours)
  4. Incremental backups are replicated via FTP connection to CI Server storage
  5. Service and process monitored remotely weekly for disaster recovery plan
  6. Testing of restoration to virtual server—every monthIn the event of a single server failure (hardware issue, Windows corruption, third party software)
  7. The local NAS device containing the local backups can be used to restore the image of the server at a set point in time to a virtual server running on the remaining server.In the event of a total breakdown or disaster affecting one or both servers
  8. Remote backup at Computer Initiatives is used to restore the images of the servers to a repaired server, or to loan server that is restored as a virtual server.